Prisoners Overview
   Zombie Evil Dude - The most common visitor. Stupid, ignorant, sometimes aggressive. Constantly mumbles some nonsense. Likes brains. Usually tries to form some kind of "alliance" with similar specimens. 
Try them in the Inmates Block.

   Fatso a.k.a. Piggy - Unique breed of Zombie Dude with some fat problems. Annoying. Wants to compensate for his weight somehow. Thinks he's smart. Enjoys weird hobbies. Coprophile. We keep them in a very special place, where they can be happy. 
Have tons of fun with them in the Torture Chamber!

   Screamer - Restless spirit found in cursed places. Easily irritable and extremely hostile. Lots of inexplicable principles and morals. Hates Fat guys, but obligated to stay with them in the Torture Chamber

   Bloody Damn Spiders - Parasites. They randomly appear in every category, mostly in the Library and the Inmates Block, only to vanish shortly after. 

   Wardens - Technically, not prisoners. But they are trapped anyway. Off duty they gather in the Cinema or the Pub to set their minds of their miserable lives. 

   JO-JO - Head of the guard. Obsessed about power, order and rules. Perhaps because he creates them, for the most part. Alcoholic. Visits the Pub to buy a drink, but ends up realizing he has no authority outside of the Dungeon. Gets back drunk and depressed just to force some more of his stupid laws. Usually found in the Inmates Block.

   ??? - The horror so unspeakable we have to blur its image. Resides in the chamber deep into the bowels of earth. Access is strictly forbidden... at least for casuals. 
Win your exclusive excursion to this horrifying monster on the Carnival!
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